Local Events of Interest                       

  Contact FAD: fadjim@twcny.rr.com

315-436-2763 v/text


 TIMING: To request an interpreter, contact FAD as soon as you know of your event.
 LAST MINUTE: We will try our best, but it is not always possible to fill last minute requests.

                                                    RATES: Please contact FAD for rates.

                                                    Cancellations or schedule changes:
                                                            must be received at least 48 hrs. (2 business days) prior to the assignment or you will be charged for the scheduled time.  

                                                    Theatrical productions, concerts
                                                            or events requiring advance preparation and/or rehearsal are at different rates. Please contact us.

To request an interpreter, contact FAD with the following information:

1.  When: date, time, duration

2.  Where

3.  What type of event: meeting, class, interview, concert, conference, etc.

4.  Name of contact person and how to reach them

5.  Name of Deaf consumer

6.  Info on how to submit billing